For some reason I'm bandwidth limited

so basically what’s happening is when I access websites hosted on cloudflare my internet gets capped @700kbps (no my ISP isn’t throttling coz on my brother phone with same iSP he gets speed beyond 20mbps)

But if I use cloudflare wrap even I get 20+Mbps speed
Is my IP or IMEI being banned or limited for any reasons ???

That’s interesting. Can you do a speedtest at

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Did that it’s showing solid 200mbps as per my ISP plan
If I try to download anything off of a Google drive index it never crosses 736kbps

If you use developer tools do you see the cloudflare specific headers coming back to you?

Ok, so how does a connection to Google Drive relate to Cloudflare? That’s definitely not “hosted” on Cloudflare.

See I have a stremio addon deployed on cloudflare worker which basically provides data for stremio content from Google drive
While streaming it get capped @700kbps but when I use a vpn (cloudflare warp) it goes beyond 25mbps
And it’s not related to my wifi ISP coz same issue with my LTE too

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