For one domain DNS records not updating

hi. I’ve tried to add CNAME with for t. subdomain and it doesn’t work. For other domains, it works. I’ve checked with public DNS checkers and via my tools. The first change was on 20 Aug.
For other domains, it works, and changes are available from 1-2 minutes. Why does it not work exactly for one domain? NS records point to my account.

That which doesn’t work, if you’d specify, I assume the community members be able to assist you better! You may share the domain here in Preformatted text

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When a CNAME is :orange: Proxied it is published as A and AAAA records using Cloudflare proxy IPs. It will not appear in a CNAME query. If you must have a CNAME returned, you will need to set the record to :grey: DNS Only.

1 Like yeap, that was the reason! Thank you.
For DNS lookup I didn’t see any changes and my own software didn’t see this change. So DNS-only setup works for me.

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