For name servers used on a domain at another registrar, are the name servers assigned by Cloudflare unique to my account?

Hi, I am on a free plan that uses Cloudflare NameServers to add the security/encryption (SSL?) facility to two website domain names which are at another registrar (same Cloudflare name servers for both domains). I am transferring responsibility for one of these website domains to a colleague, so he will be setting up his own account at Cloudflare (and similarly at the registrar) to continue this service for the domain name being transferred to him at the registrar. Are the two name servers I use unique to my account, so my colleague’s new Cloudflare account would be assigned two different Cloudflare NameServers, or are those two on my existing Cloudflare account generic, and can continue in use at the domain registrar unchanged? Thanks for any guidance.

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The nameservers will need to be changed to the newly assigned pair at the registrar to make another Cloudflare account authoritative for the domain. While the same pair may be used across all domains in one account, it is possible for another pair to be used within the same account. It is important to always insure that you are using the pair assigned to the domain. You can read more about the reasoning behind the nameserver pair assignment in the following blog post.

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