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Regarding .ie domains …the reason you get a non authoritative message showing up when you try to update with cloudflare nameservers for .ie domains (even when the nameservers are set up correctly) is because the nameserver is in a shared space and for .ie registrar to accept it, it needs to be zoned.

With other registrars .com etc this is not a requirement. Each name server with cloudflare does eventually get zoned (usually a few weeks after set up). However in the case of the .ie register this has to be done before the initial change can be made. So to resolve the non authoritative issue (in relation to .ie registrations) you can so one of two things

i) Wait until cloudflare eventually get around to zoning the nameservers (usually a few weeks)


ii) Send email to cloudflare requesting they zone the nameservers. Below is a sample email you can send to cloudflare .


I wish to change the nameservers of my domain to ns1/ I am unable to do this as it is a requirement of all .IE domains that a zone exists on the target nameservers prior to me making the change.

Can you create a zone with the following details:
A record (website) –
MX record (email) –

Johnny Customer

Hopefully this will help anyone else in the community having the same problems in the future.




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