.FOO, HTTPS, and CSRs oh my

Hey there. It’s me again.

The Noob.

All sorts of confusion going on here.

.FOO domains require HTTPS to work properly.

Or at least that is what 101domain informed me in a little popup when I purchased the [ CSS.FOO ] domain. So, not wanting something to go wrong, I checked the box to add the extra Sectigo PositiveSSL (DV) service.

After that, (while I was there) I change the 101domain DNS servers to point to…

Then went over to Cloudflare and added [ CSS.FOO ] as a Cloudflare site, where it almost immediately became active. Very nice.

Thank you Cloudflare!

But… there are no DNS records for [ CSS.FOO ]…

How do I generate those?

Meanwhile, back at 101domains, the Sectigo PositiveSSL (DV) service requires a CSR which must be generated by the hosting provider.

Wait a sec… the 101domain DNS servers are now pointing to Cloudflare DNS servers, and the content will be hosted on GitHub… who then is the hosting provider to generate a CSR?

Further, both Cloudflare and GitHub have options for enforcing HTTPS.

So, do I even need to generate and CSR?

Do I even need the SSL service?

Is GitHub enforced HTTPS the same as Cloudflare HTTPS the same as the SSL services?

Cloudflare docs suggest transferring the domain registration to Cloudflare to make things easier, but the link is greyed out and says, “Transfer conditions not met”. What does that even mean?

Can someone please tell me where I went wrong and set me on the right path? I’d greatly appreciate it.

Extra credit if you can tell me one thing I did right.

Thank you in abundance,
The Noob

Github Pages create certificates using the Let’s Encrypt automated certificated authority. You cannot use the Sectigo certificate with Github Pages.

Don’t do that, especially not now while you have so many parts that you don’t understand yet. Pace yourself and gain familiarity with the basics before making things more complex that needed. Maybe reevaluate the domain transfer in a year after you have renewed your domain and have a lot more experience under your belt.

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