Fonts, Images & Icons on my website gets messed up completely if i turn on cloudflare

My web pages fonts and images are getting completely messed up after turning Cloudflare. it will be back to normal if i Pause Cloudflare. My site is https enable. it is a custom designed ASP.NET based E-commerce site. Looking for the help to fix this issue.

Most likely mixed content. Search the forum for this keyword and you will find a gazillion threads with solutions.

I have turned on Automatic HTTPS, also my Green PadLock (SSL ) is still visible, only font and images are getting bad.
I tried potential fixes shown in MIXED CONTENT threads but no luck yet.

Whats the URL for starters?


You are referring to these glitches, arent you?


The site loads fine, even the fonts apparently. It would seem as if you have a CSS issue where you forcibly apply an “opendyslexic” font using !important. This is seems to be purely a webdesign issue and not related to Cloudflare I am afraid.

could be webdesign issue, not sure. now i have paused clouldflare. you can see how normally it looks now.

Now the aforementioned font is gone.

You need to check where that font came from in the first place.

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