Fonts HTTP 403 only when behind tunnel

For some reason, I only get 403 on fonts when tunneling an application. If I put the application behind nginx and Cloudflare normally, there’s no issues.

Thoughts? Ideas for troubleshooting or settings to review? I don’t have any idea where to start with this (just trying out tunnels for the first time).

Note: The URLs that are 403’ing can be navigated to directly without issue. The fonts (included with the application) are just 403’ing only when they are being loaded as part of the web application.

I also checked out css - Firefox @font-face with local file - downloadable font: download failed - Stack Overflow but this was not the problem. The problem, as far as I can tell, is specifically something the Tunnel is doing.

Is the server sending the correct MIME type for the font?

For example, I remember … in beginnings I had to manually add WOFF2 to Nginx Mime-types.

Therefore, configure CORS and make sure they are served correctly from a sub-domain using the link HTML tag.

But, despite all that, you say you are using cloudflared tunnel, hm …

Yes. Everything works perfectly when it’s Application → nginx → Cloudflare normally (through proxied DNS), but when it’s Application → Cloudflare through tunnel…403 on fonts loading as part of the page. It’s…incredibly strange. I really can’t even imagine what is causing it or why this would happen. :sweat_smile:

OK. Not sure what the issue was. I restarted Tor (testing with Tor is easiest most of the time) and got a new connection and the issue resolved itself…if anyone else runs into anything like this, restart Tor with a new connection, I guess. Incredibly bizarre. :sweat_smile:

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