Font Awesome Wordpress Load Time

For my blog, I am using wordpress CMS.

I found some answers on the below-mentioned link, but it is not clear.

The solution received as mentioned below.

Use this to load font awesome:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
That load’s font awesome, and the fonts, are from the Cloudflare global cache. It’s quite fast.

Version is mentioned 4.7.0. Still font awesome same version running??

Above mentioned code where can I mention it on my website?

I placed the above-mentioned code in my header, but it didn’t help, not working for me.

My website name is

Can you please help me?

Always getting an error, “Ensure text remains visible Webfont load” on gtmetrx,pagespeed tools etc…

I might not understand clearly, what is the issue here? :thinking:

Ou, that one? May I suggest below article:

Regarding fonts:

But, as far as FontAwesome is not “normal font”, rather a font which shows icons, I wouldn’t worry too much on this metric and an “error”.
Better to have your text and font normally displayed, therefore let the “font icons” load as they are later on.

Man using font awesome is suicide for pagespeed its one of the worse. Use generatepress and system fonts, just get rid of google fonts all together for your site if you want real speed.

Regardless this is not a Cloudflare issue sorry to say.


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