Follow-up question on my site's mobile redirect setup

Previously I successfully set up a mobile redirect for my website with the help of a cloudflare community professional. But today I logged in to check on my cloudflare dashboard and found that my mobile redirection is turned off by default. Though in reality my website mobile redirection is still working but why it is showing mobile redirection not turned on on my cloudflare dashboard?

Are you still encountering this @812242220?

yes,what should i do? can you help me ?

I can see mobile redirects being enable & disabled. In your audit log, are those change being made by you as indicated or happening without you making changes? Audit log is here,

If the changes are not being made by you, can you open an account ticket and share your ticket number here? You can open a ticket here,

I saved the subdomain dns reset. Problem solved, thanks guys!

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