Flush Edge Cache / Cloudflare Caches

I had a page rule: Edge cache 30 days, Browser cache 30 days and ‘‘cache everything’’ on wordpress/media* The idea was to cache all static files (images).

The problem: I found that because of a change in a plugin, my image files were now uncompressed and extremely large (some pages 10-15mb).

Solution: So I optimized my images again and they are now 80% smaller. Which is very important for the website visitors.

Cloudflare error: Now I tried to override the above setting by changing it to edge cache 30 minutes / 1 hour and same for browser cache. And afterwards disabling the setting.

I tried manually ‘‘flush everything’’ about 10x both in the browser and in the wordpress app. Also I used multiple tools (even those that I haven’t used before) to test if the new version is shown. But it keeps showing the old cached versions. And I am apparently unable to reset Cloudflare cache altogether.

Currently, after 12 hours have passed, the pages still show the large static files / my website is effectively broken. Cloudflare’s support does not help at all even though I am on pro version and made an ‘‘urgent’’ request.

I even tried disabling Agro and automatic platform management / always online. Didn’t make a difference either.

What to do?

What’s the URL of one of these extra-large images?

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