Flush Cache to include Rocket Loader

Just like the subject says. Can you make this happen? It’s very frustrating otherwise.

I set a dev site live by copying all files over. Then I flushed cache. A few times =) Pretty embarrassing with the client. I turn off minification. Put the domain in dev mode. Still changes are not online. Only after I disable Rocket Loader, flush the cache, then re-enable Rocket Loader are the changes seen.

Furthermore… putting a site into dev mode does not disable Rocket Loader. I think it should.

Hi Jules,
What you are describing is really odd. As Rocket Loader has nothing to do with caching. All Rocket Loader does is changing the type property of script tags from text/javascript to something else so that the browser does not consider the javascript files as javascript files when rendering the webpage.

After the webpage content load is done, then the Cloudflare client-side javascript changes the value of the type property of the script tag again so that the browser can now download and execute the javascript. This helps reduce the webpage load coming from all the javascript files. But again this is a performance optimization feature (which is optional) and has nothing to do with caching. This is why when you enable development mode, Cloudflare disables all caching behavior but not the performance features.

Every time you put a website from dev to live you should do “Purge Everything” inside the Cloudflare dashboard so that all cache can be purged. I hope this helps.