Flooded by IP, marked as "blocked" but not blocked


See attached:

Still 1000’s of requests from this IP even though marked as blocked.

Am I missing something?


Those requests are blocked as it says so in the second column. These are just the repeated hits to your server from this IP. Check out this support doc on what steps to take next.


If blocked by Cloudflare, how are the hitting Apache access logs still also?


I’m not sure; all I can suggest is checking out that document that explains what to do if you think you’re being DDOS’d, and to reach out to support to see if they can help you further.


As of 18 mins ago the IP has suddenly stopped flooding Cloudflare events.


Good to hear! Do you have the orange cloud enabled for your DNS records?


Additionally to @StuartMorrisAU

Make sure that they don’t access you server via IP as well. Block all traffic to HTTP(S) except CloudFlare ranges.


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