Flexible variants for private images/presigned URLs

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The docs (https://developers.cloudflare.com/images/cloudflare-images/transform/flexible-variants) currently state:

Note that flexible variants cannot be used for images that require a signed delivery URL

We have a use case where uploaded images are considered private (i.e. malicious actors should not be able to scrape our images by iterating through https://imagedelivery.net/<ACCOUNT_HASH>/<IMAGE_ID> with random UUIDs), and thus we have to require presigned URLs.

At the same time we would love to take advantage of flexible variants because each client should be able to request the right variant for their screen size/UI.

In theory it should be possible for presigned URLs to deal with flexible variants (just ignore that part of the URL when generating and validating the signature).
Does your roadmap contain any plan to support that in the future?



We do have plans to lift the limits, but not in the near future.

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@asemiglazov Thanks for the quick reply!

What do you think is the % probability that you’ll lift them within 2023?

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Sorry, but I don’t want to speculate here and give promises that we can’t fulfil.