Flexible SSL with alternative ports instead of 443

I have an HTTP api running on port 4000, when I tried to add DNS rule to point from domain to my ip, I can access port 80 from the domain.

However, I already used port 80 for another application. Can I change the port of my application to 2053 or 8080, then access it with HTTPS through domain:2053 (8080)?

I have to use Flexible SSL mode and acknowledged the security risk associated with it, can it be done on port 2053 or 8080?

Thank you!

Regarding Cloudflare compatible and supported ports, you’re good to go as these ports are already available, just make sure you configure your app to use port which you need (ex. you can use 80 HTTP with Flexible SSL on 443 or some other SSL port available from the list on the link below):

Due to the nature of Cloudflare’s Anycast network, ports other than 80 and 443 are be open so that Cloudflare can serve traffic for other customers on these ports.

Yes, this is possible with Flexible SSL as far as I tried.

However, I hope you won’t have some kind if issues related to mixed content or something else like cookies, etc. as you’re running HTTP on the origin while using HTTPS on the public access.


Very well explained, thank you!

Then you would know it’s a VERY ■■■■■■■ bad idea!

You should use Full (Strict) instead of “Flexible”

So for the sake of safety, please change it to Full (Strict), (as this is much more secure than “Flexible”!

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