Flexible SSL "uses an unsupported protocol" Error (ERR SSL VERSION OR CIPHER MISMATCH)

Hello I have a website with no SSL (Just port 80), and I want to proxy it through Cloudflare with Flexible SSL. But unfortunately I’m still unable to connect via https (connecting via HTTP works fine).
Here are some screenshots:
This is the error, that happens on other browsers and devices. So I don’t think it’s a caching thing?

The domain is proxied through Cloudflare

and Flexible SSL is enabled

I guess another unusual thing is that it is a wildcard subdomain that points to my server, but I don’t think that would matter because the Universal SSL just covers all subdomains?

Take a look here:

Looking at your example though, I think you’re trying to access a.b.example.com, which will not work. Certificates will only cover a single level of subdomains.

hmm okay, i kinda thought *.misa.pw means that it would also cover ..misa.pw and so on. Okay then, I guess ill just stay on http for now

It will cover x.misa.pw, y.misa.pw, etc. but not a.x.misa.pw, or b.y.misa.pw.

okay then. though i would’ve expected a certificate error and not an ssl protocol error.

In that case you have a security issue in the first place.

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