Flexible SSL - Turning it off temporarily

I’m trying to figure out why Varnish is no longer working properly on our server. We’re trying to rule out whether our switching to using https via Flexible SSL caused this problem. Varnish itself is communicating over HTTP on the backend, so it shouldn’t be a problem… but I’m just trying to rule things out.

So, my question is, if I turn off Flexible SSL, can I restore it immediately or does it again take up to 24 hours to issue a certificate?

First, Flexible is a bad choice. You should only for for one of the Fulls, preferably Strict.

Second, what exactly do you want to turn off? Remove the certificate? For that you would need to disable Universal SSL, but switching that is not necessarily instantaneous and there could be a delay.

Do you have the Always use HTTPS option enabled? If so, disable it, this is more likely to be the source of the issue – With this option disabled, HTTP requests stay HTTP (which is what the server expects).

If you have HTTPS and any sort of certificate on the server then instead of Flexible switch to Full, this will ensure that HTTPS requests that hit Cloudflare are forwarded to your server using HTTPS which avoids a class of loops caused by Flexible SSL due to the fact that the browser sees HTTPS while the server sees HTTP.

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