Flexible SSL TTL?

Hello. I’m developing a microcontroller based site and cannot – rather do not have the time at the moment to install and write TLS into my code.

No private information is exchanged between the host and my server. There’s nary a form on the site. I cant seem to find any help other than “do not do this.” I get it, its bad to have unencrypted data flow over the internet, but this is a readonly site. It has one page.

I can access the site using my public IP address, but not through cloudflare’s flexible SSL option. Am I missing something? It’s listening on port 80. Is there a time to live that I’m missing? Have I configured something incorrectly? Does this change need a day to propogate through cloudflares servers?

As a test, I routed this to an Nginx server and did install cloudflares certs. This was fine and it routed instantly. As soon as I swap to flexible it fails.

Help is appreciated

What happens when you try?

It tells me the host is down:

It’s been flexible for a couple hours now.
I’ve disabled ‘Always use https’ as well, to no avail.

Do I need to revoke my old edge certs? Port 80 direct to IP works just fine. The host is up. Cloudflare cant seem to find it.

Is there an error number? It’s hard to tell what it thinks is wrong just from the diagram.

How is your DNS set up? Just an A record pointing to the public IP address, proxy on?

What if you try “Off” instead of “Flexible”? (That’s what you ought to use anyway if you don’t want a secure connection.)


Just an A record. Error 522, connection timed out. Yes, I’ve tried turning ssl off entirely as well to the same result.

Is there a reason I’m able to access the site directly? Cache has been cleared and I’ve curled on a separate network. Site loads in just fine.

I suspect this is IPv6 related. Will test and return… oops!

Okay, this is not a cloudflare problem, its a my code problem.

Thanks for your input anyway!!


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