Flexible SSL stuck on "Not Secure"

Hi, I applied Flexible SSL on my site last night. But when i visit my website it says “Not Secure” and Unsupported protocol error comes and i can not even visit the site.

I have followed the procedure right. What else could be wrong?

Would you mind providing the domain name so we can check?


Now the site has “Secure” with it. But it seems like it is broken or something.

Seems to work for me!


What feels broken to you?

Two issues:

1 - This is how i am seeing the site: link
However i use this LINK theme and the view was same last night.

2 - I just read this on the link you shared:

You currently have TLSv1 enabled. This version of TLS is being phased out. This warning won't break your padlock, however if you run an eCommerce site, PCI requirements state that TLSv1 must be disabled by June 30, 2018.

And I am making eCommerce site. What should i do?

  1. I am seeing it fine, try clearing your cache.
  2. You can go in the SSL/TLS settings in Cloudflare and select the minimum TLS version, you should select 1.2 and activate 1.3+0RTT

Great. Thanks for the help.

Your SSL certificate is current. Your SSL certificate expires in 189 days. (2018-11-14)

Can i renew it after this date?

It will be automatically renewed on your behalf, you do not have to worry.

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