Flexible SSL Settings not working as expected

I moved a client’s domain to cloudflare. I changed the nameservers using the cloudflares NS and it should work after a few minutes or hour. I pointed the domain to my VPS. The website running on the VPS has no SSL cert but selecting the “Flexible SS Settings” should rewrite the http to https making it secure right? Well, it did not work on mine and I am dumbfounded why it is not working.

I enable the HTTPS rewrite during the adding of the website.
I’m able to access the website using “http” but when I try to use “https” it won’t work. It says the server cannot provider SSL cert or secure connections.

You should never use Flexible SSL, as you are effectively lying to your users that your site is secure. I would look into using an origin certificate to secure the connection between Cloudflare and your origin.


You are right but the website does not contain sensitive information. I only did that due to browser saying website is not secured and to boost SEO rank. As long as the client and browser is secure I don’t care about the information after that since it is only a static website, a landing page.

Do you have any idea what went wrong? The clients domain is from google domains. I tried adding rules and still it is not working. I feel like I’m stupid. Yet my other domain works just fine.

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Then you don’t need SSL :slight_smile:

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