Flexible SSL Providing Padlock on browser

I have a couple of websites abwindowcleaners.co.uk & abwaspremoval.co.uk

They’re basically contact forms just to lead people to get in touch with me for the services. I don’t handle anyone’s sensitive information.

I don’t see the need to purchase an SSL for these sites, I just need the padlock to show in the browser for user trust. So I’ve applied the flexible SSL. I’ve waited 2 days now and it still doesn’t seem to work. This is strange I have done this with plenty of websites previously and it worked every time after around 24 hours.

So you think the best way to gain your user’s trust is by tricking them into trusting you? That does not sound very trustworthy.

You are in luck, you can get completely free SSL certificates, for example from LetsEncrypt. For a website proxied by Cloudflare, you can also use a free Cloudflare Origin Certificate.

You don’t, but the person imitating your website might ask people for sensitive information like credit card numbers. It is important to secure any website with a certificate, and shouldn’t take you very long with an Origin Certificate (which then lasts for 15 years).

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Hey Laudian,

Thanks for the reply. Appreciated. You’ve enlightened me on the functionalities of cloudflare and made me realise the error of my ways with just using the flexible SSL. I will not use again.

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