Flexible SSL Option - access proxied as HTTPS?

I have just moved over my sites DNS to cloudflare free. Also set SSL/TLS setting to flexible before going full. With this, I was expecting to reach my proxied site using https://… Instead its still responding to http://… and not to https://…where I get

This site can’t provide a secure connection

h…a…l… sent an invalid response.


What am I missing?

This article could provide some helpful information regarding the error you are experiencing:

Well, there are some know issues with this settings:

May I ask have you checked if the DNS record you are trying to access is :orange: proxied?

May I also ask whati is the domain name?

Therefore, maybe it’s not yet being updated so fast, usually the nameserver change can take up to 24-48 hours for a propper DNS propagation process.

Or, it could be some DNS cache issue with your local ISP, or home router (try restarting it), or even like Web browser cache (try with Private Window, or some VPN connection, or if possible via cellular mobile data).

Many thanks for your response. Looks like it was the transition which took its time. Going further, I have managed to go to Encrypt instead of Flexible which was the desired state. But thanks for the insights and links.

You need to be on Full Strict.

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