Flexible SSL not working

site: www.tripletwist.com

Host: Liquidweb Cloud Sites

I cleared the .htaccess file (with the exceptions of old 301 redirects for child directories).

I’ve enabled Flexible SSL, I’ve waited over 24 hours, but Google is reporting the site is “Not Secure”. I’ve created .pem and .key files, but I was under the impression that Flexible SSL doesn’t require these (?).

Forcing HTTPS doesn’t resolve the issue.

Flexible is a bad choice per se, you should be at least on “Full”, better “Full strict”.

Your site generally loads on HTTPS, however you have a mixed content issue. Search for that keyword here on the forum and you shall find plenty of solutions on how to fix it.

Thank you for your fast response. I do not know how to setup Full, otherwise I would do that. Is there a Help Center article on how to step-by-step set that up on a cloud sites host?

Also, is the Google message a result of having mixed content? IOW, if I cleared up the mixed content issue, would it show a lock icon?

You simply switch to “Full” but you need to make sure you have a certificate on your server installed too and it properly listens on port 443.

The message you posted is the popup in Chrome, isnt it? In that case yes, it is the mixed content.

Yeah. Mixed content. I fixed it. Thank you! I will now look into Full.

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