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I’ve been trying to set this up for hours, but I can’t get the flexible SSL option and auto write https to work on my site. The site is designed in WordPress and I have installed the Cloudflare plugin. The site is karaokewithjared.com, if anyone could glance at it and recommend a solution. Thanks.


now I see it with https.
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If others are able to see it, why would I not be able to on my end? I have cleared cache, history, etc.


I just checked, and it’s working for me.
Visiting http://karaokewithjared.com/ shows me a 301 redirect to the https: version. Then it loads the https version just fine.

Try a different browser, or try from your phone over Cellular (not your local WiFi). For more testing, use Webpagetest.org to verify.


Okay, over my cellular LTE connection, I can access it correctly. Over any WiFi connection in my house, it gives me the error. What would be the reason for that?


Maybe it’s a DNS issue, and it’s going straight to your origin server?

If you open up Chrome’s Dev Tools and select Network, click on the first entry (initial request to your website). Check the Response Headers on the right to see if there are some Cloudflare headers there.

I know you said you cleared your cache and history. How about switching browsers?


This is what the Dev Tools tells me.


I have my websites hosted on Dreamhost. All domains have SSL from LetsEncrypt that is provided by DH themselves. Now as I have installed Cloudflare on my domains, the SSL certificates can’t be auto renewed by Dreamhost since they can’t find my nameservers hosted on Dreamhost’s NS. How do I get things work I can’t afford my websites downtime. Any help?


Update: I have been able work it out myself. I removed the LetsEncrypt certificate from Dreamhostand installed the one provided by Cloudflare itself and they seem to be running just smooth now :slight_smile:

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