Flexible SSL Not Activate

Hi Dear,

I activate Cloudflare Flexible ssl 6 days ago but not yet activate the in-browser showing my hosting SSL could you check it, please?

Cloudflare SSL screen short:

browser SSL screen short:

my domain is https://wallpaperwoo.com

please help me to fix this?


You currently have a security issue.

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how can i fix this but i don’t attach any paypal etc…

The article contains all the details to configure a proper certificate.


ok dear thanks

Hi, it seems like your site points to Cloudflare. Please note that Cloudflare may use LetsEncrypt instead of its regular ceritifcate authority to secure connections. Hosting providers usually use the same certificates and therefore it might appear that you’re seeing the same certificate, even though technically they are not the same (different serial number).

Hope this helps

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