Flexible SSL doesn't work

I just enable the Flexible SSL for my domain, and I have not installed SSL cert to my host, but HTTPS://mydomain/ does not work finally.
Messege in browser:

This site can’t provide a secure connection.

mydomain uses an unsupported protocol.

Any idea how to improve it? Thank you all !!!

Do you see a certificate generated for your domain in the Edge Certificates page?


I have created a SSL cert

If you’re using flexible; you don’t got to do anything. Your CRT is issued by the Cloud (hence; Cloudflare) then “patched” to your connecting clients.

It just needs to propagate; use a new incognito window.

If it keeps happening, it’s because you might have your DNS Proxies wrong. You using your *.cloudflare.com DNSs on your host?

I am having a similar problem.

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Yes, I’m using *.cloudfrare.com DNS on my host

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I don’t know if this relates, but… I’m also having Certificate issues with full end-to-end encryption; mine’s keep saying an attacker (Cloudflare) is trying to attack me. It’s keep showing me an invalid SSL page. Is that what’s happening with you two?

@claudiadose @thang.madi

Maybe Cloudflare got flagged somewhere?

But, all my stuff is Valid. I’m so confused.

Problem solved.
I just removed the website from cloudfrare and added it back. Then enable flexible SSL.
Everything worked.

The problem is probably that I pressed the create certificate button

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thanks, will try that…

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yes @neonic this is what mine looks too, yet everything seems all right. Except when I looked at the configuration the SSL was totally switched off, now that I have switched it on it still didn’t work. It used to be on before, so how did it got switched off? strange!

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@thang.madi, @claudiadose I’m glad you two solved it.

I had to put mine on Flexible from my Full (Strict) End-To-End Encryption too; no idea why. All my certificates are the same and valid too.

Maybe Cloudflare has a little outage somewhere and it didn’t get registered with the System or something.

You should not be using that in the first place.

we found that it was our server at fault and were able to resolve the issue.

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As long as you are on Full Strict, you are fine.

I’m also facing this problem. But i Don’t want to remove website from Cloudflare. any other solution will be prefer.

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