Flexible ssl certificate vs full ssl certificate?


My web hosting (Powerhoster.com), informed me that they don’t allow third party SSL certificates.
However, Cloudflare Customer Support told me about a possibile workaround: I could install a free Flexible SSL Certificate on my website.

  1. Are there any potential issues by installing this type of certificate on my website?
  2. If there should be issues, can the Flexibile SSL certificate be easily disinstalled?

Thanks in advance for any clarification it will be provided.


You won’t install a Flexible SSL certificate, you’ll install an Origin Certificate. Then you need to make sure to set SSL settings to “Full (Strict)”, for the whole website or the subdomains in which you a valid or Cloudflare’s Origin certificate.

Installing an Origin Certificate is just like installing any other certificate and it gives only advantages in the network connection between your server and Cloudflare.

Are you Italian by any chance?

The way I read the OP’s message is the host wouldnt install any third party certificate, which would include origin certificates. So either, they dont support TLS at all or want to - gently :wink: - push their customers towards their own paid certificates or do provide free certificates (LetsEncrypt?) and simply manage them themselves (which wouldnt be unreasonable).

Yeah, completely missed the first phrase. Sorry about that @francescopatane! If the certificate is actually free and it’s valid for you domain (why wouldn’t it?) the same thing I said is valid.

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