Flexible SSL, Always use HTTPS and Pausing Cloudflare




I am using Cloudflare in front of my website hosted at one.com
One.com offers a free SSL certificate, but they are only able to renew this (1 year validity) if they are hosting the DNS Nameservers for the domain.

So I have opted not to have a SSL certificate at my webhost, and therefor I am using Flexible SSL from Cloudflare.
This works perfectly, but there is a small issue.
I have a Page Rule that does:

Always Use HTTPS

Out on the internet, links to my website is always listed as https://mydomain
So almost all connections to my site originates as HTTPS in the first place.

When Cloudflare is active this does not matter, as the Flexible SSL will serve the content over HTTPS.
But when Cloudflare is ever paused, Cloudflare no longer serves the content and my webhost does not have a SSL certificate, resulting in vistors trying to access my website over HTTPS, which in turns fails.

I don’t seem to be able to create a htaccess rewrite rule on my webhost that is actually working for this case.

Does anybody have an idea on how to prevent this situation from happening?


Few things I would like to ask that will clarify question clearly -

  • In which scenario, you feel that Cloudflare can get ever paused by you? If I would like I have something similar where I want to bypass traffic to the origin, I would use Development mode.

  • I would love to know what exactly you are expecting from .htaccess? Please explain in detail.



For playing with HTTPS anyway, SSL is still required.

Either you do redirection from HTTP to HTTPS or even HTTPS to HTTP.