Flexible, Full SSL or Full SSL (strict) is changing okay?


I currently have CF Flexible SSL running fine. However, I’ve an issue with a subdomain I’d like to address.

As such I’d like to switch from Flexible to Full SSL or Full SSL (strict) to test it. I’m just worried that I might break the rest of my site :confused: Can I just switch back to Flexible again is things go wrong, or does it get more complicated if I try to switch back?

Currently nearly everything works quickly with CF DNS settings etc, so I’m hoping to see these changes quicly too. But I’ve been burned before so just asking here first :wink:

If it’s a subdomain, set up a page rule to play with the SSL settings. Something like:
sub.example.com and pick one setting (SSL) for the rule.

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Thanks. That seemed to have worked for the SSL subdomain settings without having to change the overall DNS SSL.

Didn’t seem to help enabling my subdomain as ssl though. But will make new post as it’s a little off topic.