Flashcard APP and their script

<script src="/cdn-cgi/apps/head/up3x6nHHeLPetU07ywaAaP5weX0.js">


iam using Flashcard app, but they add this script to header section, which is wrong, its posibble to change position on this sricpt

What’s wrong with the script position? The developer does have a contact email address on the Apps page.

In this test https://ready.mobi/

JavaScript placement

JavaScript includes should always be included at the end of the document to avoid blocking the page loading

And Its all time placed before my main stylesheets

Oh, so nothing is broken? Do you have Rocket Loader enabled for your site?

I also don’t think JavaScript includes should always be at the end of the document. That can mess up rendering in some cases.

No its broken, i tihnk cause this script i have problem with google mobile test, cause they not always loading my stylesheet.

Yes i have Rocket Loader

you can see this here https://i.imgur.com/qEtTyym.png

I think is totally bad to add this script ■■■ first on the site automatically, this Cloudflare rly disappointed i cancel my subscrititon plan today

Is it still broken if you disable Rocket Loader?

Also, make sure you contact that developer and let them know. They might have some suggestions.