Flash Socket Policy Server + Cloudflare?


We are looking to use Cloudflare to help protect our servers against DDoS attacks.
One of our game’s client is still written in Flash, and Flash requests a “Flash socket policy” file before agreeing to connect to a server.

The protocol is simple, but it is not HTTP / HTTPS:
The request that is performed is
python -c ‘print “<policy-file-request/>%c” % 0’ | nc 843

So, this is the flow:

  1. User connects to game website
  2. Flash loads, wants to connect to game server via HTTPS
  3. Sends “Flash Socket Policy” request as described above to port 843 (port cannot be configured)
  4. If receives successful response, continues to connect to the server via HTTPS.

Can we protect this flow with a Cloudflare Business account or will we have to get Enterprise to use Cloudflare Spectrum for step 3?
We don’t need DDoS protection for this port/request, but it has to be the same domain as the HTTPS server.

Port 843 is not supported. Or was ist just a typo and you meant 8443 instead?

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