Flarectl domain created in wrong account


I’m trying to get the flarectl tool to work in Windows. I have gotten everything configured and I’m able to create a domain. However, even though I’m specifying the account, the domain is being created in the wrong account. Below is how I’m attempting the command from the help entries. It seems to be ignoring the account ID part. Any ideas?

set [email protected]
set CF_API_KEY=1234567890
set CF_ACCOUNT_ID=0987654321

flarectl.exe zone create --zone example2.com --jumpstart true  --account-id %CF_ACCOUNT_ID%

I’ve also tried it by actually putting the Account ID instead of using the variable. I can tell the program is reading the account ID variable via the general help entry.

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This was solved in a previous thread, let us know if you still have issues after

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