Flags.csv (User Export Data) questions

Hello, when I exported my user data, the first file I clicked on was “flags.csv” (I can’t attach it because “The file extension is not authorized”!)

I saw this when opening the file

However, it says “was_take_action” as FALSE but even the first post I flagged for moderator attention was clearly removed (as indicated by this PM)

And that’s not just for those posts, IT’S FOR ALL posts!

The full list is available at

Note: You’ll have tome request access first, I don’t want any random person accessing! IF YOU REQUEST ACCESS, LET ME KNOW OVER PM! This way, I can verify it’s actually a mod of this community! If you request access and do not let me know, I will not grant you access!

So can someone (preferably a mod) help me with this?

If mods wish, they can turn this into a topic into a PM!

This is a really a Discourse question and not related to this community, but I’ll answer briefly.

I don’t think this can show as true unless you are a moderator/admin, it does not refer to whether your flag was acted on as you think. When a mod/admin clicks the flag icon they see the ‘Take Action’ option as well as the regular flag options seen by other users. was_take_action refers to whether that option was selected via the flag menu.


Rest in peace, my discourse meta account

Oh, so that doesn’t necessarily mean that action was or wasn’t taken?

Precisely, it refers to direct action on a post taken by a moderator and not action taken on flags from other users so it will always show false unless the user is a mod.

Ok, gotcha! :slightly_smiling_face:

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