Fixing the url address to my website. How exactly to fix?

I purchased proactive marketing ads .com thru Namecheap but the url isn’t working. To access my website I have to go to

How do I fix that and get rid of the extra ending? Please give specific steps because I don’t understand where and how to fix this. This needs to be fixed ASAP.



{PII Redacted}

Have you just recently set up your clickfunnels domain? It looks like the SSL is still issuing (the SAN is the basic, which means the redirect not working may be an issue with ClickFunnels still performing initial setup operations.

That is not Cloudflare related. Your domain is not even on Cloudflare. You best contact your host.

It would appear you (or somebody else) did add the domain to Cloudflare but did not change the nameservers. If you want to use Cloudflare you will have to change the nameservers at Namecheap to those provided to you by Cloudflare.

The issue itself however is still not Cloudflare related and needs to be addressed by your host, respectively yourself.

Hello, So I bought the url at Namecheap, they say that all is correct on their end. Clickfunnels is my host. Someone told me to go to Cloudflare to fix it which really confused me, why Cloudflare? So how do I fix this? What does Clickfunnels need to do?

I would contact the person who recommended Cloudflare. It is not clear what your issue was but Cloudflare is unlikely to help in that case. It is best to contact either aforementioned person or Clickfunnels.

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