Fixing the mixed content problem with Automatic HTTPS Rewrites (some of the website pages not uses the "Automatic HTTPS rewrites")

my website is using the FREE SSL certificate of Cloudflare, which I am so grateful of :slight_smile:
In the crypto section, i have selected the option “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” i have checked it “ON”

Most of the pages work fine with this setting but from the cart page the padlock from the address bar goes away
screenshot attached below

Team - I request you to do this as soon as possible because the site is live.
This problem was not from the beginning, but it suddenly appears

It looks like you’ve already researched Mixed Content. Here’s a tutorial on that. My favorite method is Step 5: put this in .htaccess:

Header always set Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests

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Thanks for your help.
I have installed the simple ssl plugin and problem solved

I have also add the lines


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