Fixing false positive blocking using a Ray ID filter

Please help! We recently installed Cloudflare. A programmer with full admin rights to our servers is attempting to install a plugin on WordPress > LearnDash. She gets a false positive blocking message with a Ray ID at the bottom. I researched the solution and expected to be able to add in Cloudflare a WAF FILTER that will enable me to enter her Ray ID and ALLOW it. But the options in the dropdown menu in the FILTER does not include the Ray ID option. I wonder if I am looking in the wrong place.

This is what I am looking for, On a help screen on this 3rd party site, this shows menu options of Path, Query String, Service, Ray ID, and Rule ID:

But when I am in my Cloudflare account, I see a totally different set of FILTER options, and the one that I need, Ray ID, is not available on the menu. See this image:

How do I add a FILTER to allow this programmer to complete her work with installing the plug in? And is there an alternate method for achieving the same result?


You can’t make rules based on a Ray ID - a Ray ID is a unique identifier for that single request.

Any future requests they make would not have the same Ray ID.

The Ray ID is there so you can filter the Activity Log on to find their request which will tell you what caused it, which you can then use to allow their requests past that security feature.

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