Fixing Error 1015 for a Minecraft Dynmap


I’m currently using Cloudflare’s free plan and the Portzilla app to manage a domain I use to allow users to connect to a Minecraft server’s dynamic map (a Google Maps type page but for viewing a live Minecraft server). I do this so that the users don’t have to type out the port at the end of the address.

However, I am encountering an Error 1015 when navigating around the map and loading in the image tiles. I’m guessing this is because each tile is a separate request, but I have not turned on rate limiting, so I’m finding it hard to figure out where the problem lies.

Does anyone know where the issue could lie? Or can point me in the right direction to remove the limitation?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


I believe that Portzilla uses Workers, and you may be hitting a Workers rate limit for their app.

As Portzilla is a paid service, I suggest you ask them.

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