[fixed] Using curl to send file to "DNS Only" zone return a 408 error

I’m running this command
curl -F ‘[email protected]’ -F ‘key=mysecretkey’ https://cms.fasty.ovh/image/upload

If the “cms” zone is on “DNS only” it raise a 408 error, but If I activate the proxy it works as expected.

What’s wrong ?

DNS only means Cloudflare is not involved. You need to check this on your server.

A 408 typically is a timeout and it is a bit surprising you won’t get it when proxied, however it still is an error sent from your server, which is the primary place you need to check.

Yeah I tried to trace logs on nginx but nothing much … And it works well with proxied mode which make me think that something is related to CF

It cannot be related if Cloudflare is not involved. You need to check your logs, that error comes from your server and needs to be listed there.

Ok found it !

It was a curl issue …
Running curl --http1.1 ... works just fine! I saw the differrence in logs (one loading http2 & failing and the other one http1.1 with success)

Thanks for your help

Cloudflare does connect via HTTP 1.1 only. You should now try to fix your server to work with HTTP 2 as well :slight_smile:

well it should

listen 443 ssl http2;

But maybe not an up to date nginx version… anyway it’s not related to CF :wink:

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