Fixed IP changed

I had added my website(domain) in my Cloudflare user panel and changed the DNS to Cloudflare’s DNS. Unfortunately I now get a different ip address. Can you tell me what I should configure in order to keep my fixed ip address alive together with Cloudflare service? Thanks!

As in the IP addresses you get back when you lookup a proxied record?

You don’t have any control over those - and don’t need any, them changing doesn’t cause any downtime.

If you don’t want to use Cloudflare’s proxy related features switch the record to :grey: in DNS.

thanks for replying; the issue is that with configured Cloudflare config, I can not enter my website nor fetch or drop email to my server. When I changed the DNS to my old registrar, everything works again.

I thought I did - appearantly that didn’t work.

thanks for this. I did define both Cloudflare DNS servers in my domain credentials.

Editing DNS Records shows how you can replace your previous IP with your new IP in yourDNS zone data.

If the IP doesn’t change regularly, that should be sufficient. Otherwise you may want to take advantage of Cloudflare dynamic DNS capabilities via the API

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