[fixed] Error 521 when server is running

I had bought a domain a couple months back, transferred it to Cloudflare recently. I have my DNS setup properly pointing to the server I intend to. I have my server running. But for some reason, I keep getting error 521. I’ve tried everything I could. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS. I’ve setup A records pointing to the below IP.

Server IP -
Website - https://warriorsofweb.org

Please follow the steps in this post to solve your problem:

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For starters, your server is not configured for HTTPS. You will need to set up a certificate on your server.

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It was a dumb thing on which I spent last 15 hours. I hate myself. It’s running now, thanks.

Yeah, I was trying to issue certificate, but letsencrypt was also getting error 521. I turned SSL from full to flexible and it’s working now. Thank for the help.

Yes, and you have a beautifully insecure website now. Do not use Flexible. Configure a certificate and switch back to Full strict.

Yeah, doing that right now :smiley: