[Fixed] CF Pages build failing with Unable to Submit Build Job

I have a hugo blog on gitlab, which triggers Cloudflare pages on push.
Everything was going fine, until today, pages is not building and/or publishing.

I am just getting this error, (below)

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Same. I was about to post the same.

It appears to be an error on Cloudflare’s side since it’s failing at step Initializing build environment.

Oh. Same setup too. From Gitlab, powered by Hugo, auto-build in CF Pages. Tried manual build too.

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I’m having the same problem.

Cloudflare still has the required access to my gitlab repositories and is seeing the commits but builds are failing exactly the same way.

I’m able to replicate this on my repo too, escalated this to the Pages team - will let you know when I have an update.


In the interim, this has fixed it for my projects:

Click on Connect to Git

Click on GitLab and then Connect GitLab

Follow it through, if you’re taken to a page that talks about Git/Direct Upload/Wrangler then click Git again.

Once your account is recognized again, try another build.

This isn’t an official workaround by any means but it’s worked for me in the interim.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for reporting this. We are tracking this over at Cloudflare Status - Cloudflare Pages build delays

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.


I can confirm that the workaround works. The build successfully passed the step Initializing build environment and finished deployment.

Thank you.

Probably something broke when the new Git connection workflow was deployed? This was the first time I saw the new workflow in adding a project.

Thanks, can confirm this enabled me to retry those deployments successfully also.

Same here, using normal site deployment (no framework, just static site deployment via git)

I can confirm this workaround is working in my setup too, and CF Pages is also building new pushes perfectly fine

Thanks. I can confirm that this one works for me as well.

A fix has been implemented so everything should be fine now.

I am still having a problem with this, also getting error when trying to setup a new Page

An unknown error occurred (Code: 8000000)

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This seems a totally different issue.

I’ve been getting that error too, but only for one particular GitLab group.

The workaround is what KianNH shared.

However, it doesn’t seem to stick. After an unknown number of hours, it’s failing again with that error code. I have to redo the workaround.

In the primary GitLab group I used the above workaround–when it all first started–doesn’t experience the recurring issue.

I just created a new thread to avoid confusion since this thread was marked “Fixed”.

Same bug, just another area of this issue that was not detected before.


Maybe Hugo can be diagnosed by citing my fact that this error occurs when deleting an integrated repository from github. Replenishing the github-cloudflare page integration requires deleting[ custom domains as well as] the project, not just finagling Git integration Permissions in the Github Cloudflare Pages application), alone, nor is matching github.com/user/* enough after repo absolution.

Cloning repository... fatal: remote error: upload-pack: not our ref fatal: the remote end hung up unexpectedly Failed: error occurred while fetching repo.