Fix website

Please fix the ajax at:
If you make a mistake or try to add an invalid entry, you have to reload the entire page to clear the bad entry (cursor lands on second character).
Browsers: Chrome; Firefox, Opera (all current versions)

I am not seeing it on chrome at the moment, this is for ip access rules, correct? What field are you edits/steps are you taking on the form to create the error? And, thank you, btw.

Screen cap is here:

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The “X” on the right in the box does not work; only a screen refresh clears it; cannot be cleared using the DOM inspector.

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Thank you, I see what you described.

When creating an ip access rule and entering the IP, IP range, country name, or ASN (but before saving), I am unable to edit individual characters and am dropped between first and second characters when I return to that field.

But, I do not need to refresh the page, I can simply type or select from the drop down and the entry is replaced. I cannot edit characters, but I can replace the entry.

Can you do the same edit? I suspect this is the intended behavior, but will doublecheck with the team.

Hi @brianbrown the team let me know they are working to improve that experience. I’ve added myself to the ticket they’re using to track and will drop an update here as I see it. Thank you.

My drop-down only contains countries, which I can replace the entry, but still not “X” out of it. I should add that country blocking at this point, can only be done by paid CF accounts. So if its a paid account, the country block can be added, then deleted, without refreshing the page, but that seems to be a little excessive, I think. If you’re trying to add, say, an ASN or IP address, it does no good.

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