Fix supported tlds page, make it easy to search for a tld extension

I’m sure many of you will be frequently checking the supported TLDs page (TLD Policies | Cloudflare) to see if your favorite cc is supported or not. That page is hidden somewhere deeper, and it is not user friendly. Please fix it such that the supported domain tlds can be easily searched in the page .

For example, you could add a dot (.) before each tld and a space after each tld… This makes it easier to search with browser’s cntrl+F short cut key. Or, you can have a simple search text box where users can enter the tld name. CF is generally very user friendly but this specific page is totally inconsistent, and user un-friendly.


and adding any approximate timeline for each tld (if you have it in your support roadmap) would be awesome… but of course, you will likely just enter the standard reply - ‘we are working on adding more tlds’ :wink:


Thanks for your great feedback.
We have shared those with our Registrar team.