Fix or revert back deleted DNS files

How to fix or revert back deleted DNS files? I was instructed by a video to delete all the imported DNS files (in Cloudflare) from GoDaddy. After reviewing other tutorials I believe they should not have been deleted. Godaddy has now put the DNS files back to them and changed the nameserver back to the original ones from Godaddy. For the last 5 or 6 days, my domain name when googled showed (https) and would go to a page the says “Your connection is not private”. As of today, it’s now showing (http). I have worked on this problem for MANY, MANY hours. Look through all the help and support instructions to no avail. Please advise. Or should I remove the entire Cloudflare account and start over? Also, I did take a screenshot of the DNS records in Cloudflare before deleting them, if that’s any help. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

For starters, you don’t have a valid SSL setup on your webserver and should get in contact with your host to fix that.

Probably the best approach, but you should fix mentioned security issue first. Your site needs to load fine on HTTPS before you add it to Cloudflare.

I am a complete novice at this (a nail technician that enjoys technology) but I was under the impression the whole reason to use Cloudflare for my website was to obtain the https certificate. How were you able to determine the SSL setup was not correct?

I am afraid that’s a common misconception and a narrative which is somewhat pushed by Cloudflare but could not be further from the truth. You still need a valid certificate on your server.

So, if that is the case why do I need Cloudflare? Just asking because I’m sure there are others that think the same way I have. Makes me sad because I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure this all out and make it work!

That I cannot tell you :slight_smile:

Cloudflare does offer additional performance and security features, but only you can tell if you need them. As far as SSL is concerned, Cloudflare alone won’t do the trick.

From Cloudflare

Well, that’s mostly marketing speak.

For starters, there’s Let’s Encrypt which also offers certificates.

But anyhow, you need to secure your server. You can check out Cloudflare’s Origin certificates (not that I hadn’t written that already twice only today :wink:) but that’s not any freer than LE anyhow.

Bottom line, make sure your server has a proper certificate.

Ok, I’ll call godaddy ASAP. Thanks for your help. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just one thing, your host is known for trying to sell overly expensive services. While there is nothing wrong per se with selling an SSL certificate, you should really be aware of aforementioned free options (LE & Origin).

Thanks for the heads-up!

As for the DNS issue, you might be able to find some of those records in Cloudflare’s audit log but it probably is better to remove the domain from your account. Wait until your server is properly configured for SSL and then readd it and make sure the DNS records are all correctly imported.

Yes, I did find the records in the audit log. The records are currently back at daddy now. I had also taken a screenshot of them before deleting them.

Now I’d remove the domain from Cloudflare. Fix the SSL setup on the host. And once that works, add the domain back to Cloudflare (assuming you still want to use Cloudflare) and make sure all records import properly.

:+1: Thanks!

BYW. It did import correctly the first time, I just followed some bad instruction about deleting the files. Maybe this will help someone else.

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