Fix for Registry status: Client transfer prohibited

Hopefully a guru might make this more clear? But I’ve seen a few posts that are now locked (no new responses for 3 days) where people were hunting a solution.

Anyhow, the solution I found in transferring a domain that’s just a domain - no actual site, email, etc - was to complete all “steps” recommended in the Overview section that I could complete here at Cloudflare. Again, hopefully a guru might explain better - as, once those steps are completed, they no longer exist for me to copy and paste them here :wink:

Once those steps are completed, only THEN will Cloudflare “unlock” the domain to allow the transfer to be completed.

Only posting this hoping it might help someone else. I do apologize that I really have no idea what exactly I completed - I just know that I waited 3 hours, and Cloudflare was still relating “Registry status: Client transfer prohibited” on mouseover. And so I completed the recommended steps in the Overview and the domain was THEN suddenly available to transfer.

This is to transfer a domain from Cloudflare Registrar, correct? Are these the steps you are referencing?

Transfer domain from Cloudflare to another registrar · Cloudflare Registrar docs.

To go the other directions, the steps are

No - I’m talking about the “steps” Cloudflare recommends in the Overview section - the whole bit where it ask you about setting up https? And I think the last step asks if you wish to compress the site? All of the cool stuff Cloudflare offers.
Once you go through all of those steps, you’re only THEN allowed to transfer the domain.

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ah, is it the quick start items?

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Yes - that part!

To hopefully be more clear - I’m transferring a domain that only exists as a domain - no A or MX records, or any of that. So I initially skipped all of that - as none of that would be needed.

BUT - until that’s completed, the domain remains flagged with “Registry status: Client transfer prohibited”

Or at least that’s what I encountered. Also, as soon as you complete those steps, Cloudflare THEN offers - as a next step - to tranfer the domain.

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Your domain registrar can have that removed, it typically means it’s a new domain, the domain registry was just changed, the contact details have changed, or it’s close to the expiration date and there is an icann hold. Here are the details on the various icann status messages, EPP Status Codes | What Do They Mean, and Why Should I Know? - ICANN. Once that hold is cleared, then you can transfer it to Cloudflare registrar.

Sorry - thank you, but I only posted this topic hoping to help others who encounter that message? I was attempting to transfer the domain from GoDaddy.

I promise that I had previously completed all steps required to transfer the domain. I’m not a guru, but I do my very best to follow all guru instructions.

The only “hiccup” in trasnferring the domain appeared to be completing the tasks you previously related. Once those tasks had been completed, the “block” disappeared. In fact, once I completed those tasks, Cloudflare THEN immediately prompted me to transfer the domain.

Again, the only reason I opened this topic was hoping to help others who might run into the same problem? I’m obviously not a guru, I have no clue as to what’s involved. I simply follow instructions provided by gurus like yourself.

The domain was not avaiable to transfer. I completed the Quick Start steps I could complete. Cloudflare then allowed the transfer. That’s all I know?