Fix DNS record errors from HubSpot

Hi guys! I am trying to fix a DNS record error HubSpot is alerting me. It seems IP needs to be updated, but I don´t know where exactly. I am sending some screenshots for your better reference. I can send a screen capture from my DNS records if that would help as well. Thank you!

Is it connected to Cloudflare?

Yes, it is. I tried to create a new record (Type A) but it alerted me there is already a record with that name, however, I don’t have any Type A record created. Not sure what I am missing.

There could be one which might be pointing to somewhere else & alerting you. Would you share a screenshot of the DNS entries in CF?

Thank you Neijay! I think I figured out, I already have a domain in HubSpot, since I am not hosting with them, I would need to create a subdomain instead.

Thank you for the support, have a good one!

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