Fix DDoS attacks while allowing visitors and google bots

Hello, we have a website that has daily DDoS attacks which are bringing the site down. Once we activate the 5-second browser JS check the site works fine, but since it is a shop. 90% of the customers turn away once they see the check screen, and also google bots, and Pinterest bots are being blocked also. Do you have a plan that would provide a dedicated team that can help us with these problems, and have some additional tools to resolve this? We need to block all attacks, while regular users don’t receive any test screens or checks or captchas, and services, like google Pinterest Facebook and any other third-party software, should be automatically allowed also? Thank you.

You can check in this article Best Practices: DDoS preventative measures how to overcome mostly of that difficulties.

The Enterprise customers have the Log action under Firewall Rules that permits to gather all the information that it’s necessary to block or challenge the undesired traffic.

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