Fix 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned with Cloudflare for SaaS

Hello Cloudflare Community! We need your help and hints on solving our case. The initial conditions are:

  • Two Cloudflare accounts:

** Account A: has our main domain and a lot of stuff is already served on this domain (let’s call it siteA com)
** Account B: here is another project hosted, which we can’t move to account A, meaning we don’t wanna move it to another github organization. (let’s call it project com)

  • The has multiple deployments: production, staging and another, which serves it’s content into subdirectory:

** Production: prod project com
** Staging: staging project com
** Subdirectory: subdir project com/subdir

We want to have the setup where subdomains will serve content from another account project:

  • project-prod siteA comprod project com
  • project-staging siteA comstaging project com
  • project-subdir siteA com/subdirsubdir project com/subdir

Trying to set up this with CNAME’s causes 1014 CF Error. After reaching the support, asking to allow pointing to our another account we got the response to use Cloudflare for SaaS. But there is only one Fallback Origin which we can set. Are we missing something? Is there a way to set up this like we want?

Can you share that ticket number with Support?

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@cloonan here it is: 2927980

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