First time visitor issue

I have a wordpress site and my issue is that my first time visitors do not get shown the current content but rather the content created after manual purge. For example my last manual purge was on the 9th of December and that’s the content that get shown by Cloudflare to a first time visitor instead of the current data. could someone please tell me where I configured wrong? thanks
browser cache is placed at 2 hours
my site is

I’m having issues with cache as well. Some similar thing happened to me so I be forced to toggle OFF the “cach everything” option. For now, my 2 cents to you is that.

Also, someone know what happens when we reach the maximum data cache? I really don’t know why my data is almost full because I already set the both browser cache and cache everything (page rules) to 2h.

hi, How do I toggle off cache everything option coz I cant find it anywhere?

You should be able to turn this off in your page rules; it will only show up if you already have a page rule that enables cache everything.

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