First Start 1 small E-Mail Problem

i start yesterday with Cloudflare and most work perfect but i had a little Problem with E-Mail. First i am not so a perfect Technical user :slight_smile:

I used Domains on Namecheap that i route per A Record to a Server on a other Hosting ISP. So after change all Nameserver some Hours later all Works fine. SSL is green and so i think work but
i read the FAQ Section with E_MAIL and so on.

Now i cant send and get E-Mails with my Thunderbrid Client or on my Smartphone

  1. i had that set in DNS with: handle by … with 1 Automatic
  2. mail points to 123.123.123 (server IP) and the Cloud is GREY

So i not able to find a mistake that my E-Mail is working or is there a Option i must change in my E-Mail Clients or on my Mail Accounts on my Server. (C-Panel used)

So i am happy get some help because in a shop E-Mails are important and i dont want swicth back on namecheap basic NS

Sorry my bad English it is not so my favourite


Whats the domain and what are the mail hosts you configured in Thunderbird?

there i used my from my Cpanel: smtp with the Ports set as IMAP

And that is most likely behind Cloudflare at this point. You need to point it to the actual IP address.

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