First Setup: ...only DNS (works fine), ...with Proxy (shows errorpage)

Hello Community.

May I ask if someone knows to resolve this problem…

When I register a new domain and while processing the necessary steps, after everything is done and I want to enter the domain I get an ERRORPAGE with following meaning:

                          Fehler: Umleitungsfehler
                                      Beim Verbinden mit trat ein Fehler auf.
                          Dieses Problem kann manchmal auftreten, wenn Cookies deaktiviert oder abgelehnt werden.

When I deactivate the Proxy on my A-records everything is fine.

Can you help me out, please?

I already tried to reinitiate this process, but with no success.

I have fotos, but don’t know how to post them, sorry.

Thanks for any ideas.

The mentioned site experiences too many redirect error. Best suggested is set the SSL to Full Strict from your dashboard. Further information on the error, is here:

Also, you may always :search: for more answers in the forum.

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Thanks alot sir. It helps directely. Big hug to you.

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